Why Do Conversations Die So Quickly On Dating Apps? 2023

Updated: January 30, 2023

A little effort goes a long way, and by putting some thought into your responses, you’re more likely to maintain momentum while getting to know each other better. Searching for some specific guidance? Here are Spira’s top tips for success.

1. Turn on your push notifications.

Checking your dating apps multiple times a day to see if that cutie has responded can be — in a word — exhausting. And when things get hectic at work, there’s a chance you won’t think to open your apps, meaning you may miss your match’s responses and let things fizzle out.

2. Ask lots of open-ended questions.

If your conversation seems to have reached a dead end, the best way to revive it is by asking thought-provoking, open-ended questions. Avoid “yes or no” questions, which can quickly bring a convo back to a screeching halt.

3. Flatter the heck out of them.

As the saying goes — flattery will get you everywhere. So don’t be shy about laying on the compliments when you want to spice things up. Using someone’s first name in your messages reinforces your interest, which in turn, may make them more interested in keeping the conversation going with you.

4. Request some pics.

This is a smart strategy for several reasons. Obviously, receiving additional photos from your match can give you an increasingly clearer picture of their personality and their lifestyle. Also, it presents additional conversation starters. Photos are packed with little details for you to comment on and ask about to keep the conversation flowing.

5. Swap those digits.

Once you’ve been chatting on your dating app for a few days, Spira says it’s time to take the plunge and exchange phone numbers. It’s a lot easier and more convenient to keep a conversation going over text. “If you feel safer hearing their voice before meeting, schedule a phone date, and keep it short,” she says.


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