Where to Meet Single Men: The (Not So) Obvious Spots 2023

Updated: January 27, 2023

Unsurprisingly, wondering where to meet single men is a common topic for single women, not just something that’s Googled after another unsuccessful date! That said, it’s a thought that can accompany the feeling of being stuck in a dating rut. If that’s the case, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and find someone new.

1. Send him a drink

If you’re in a bar or restaurant, there will often be a table of attractive men somewhere to be found. You could spend the entire evening thinking or talking about how cute they are, or you could act and send someone a drink. Try it as an experiment and see what happens. What’s the worst that could happen?

2. Go speed dating

There are plenty of fun and quirky events for singles in most cities these days, catering to all kinds of age groups and interests. Speed dating is a genius way of meeting lots of different men in a short space of time, practising your flirting skills, and having an enjoyable evening.

3. At a party

If you’re at a house party, there will almost always be a bunch of single girls and guys. But if you want to hang out with them, you’ve got to get yourself out there instead of spending the night with the people you already know. A great place to hangout is in the kitchen (as it’s probably near the food or drink!).

4. Ask a friend for ideas

Our friends tend to know us pretty well. They also have a good sense of what we’re looking for when it comes to a partner. This makes them overqualified when it comes to setting us up with someone. So why don’t we ask them to do this more often? Message your friends and ask if they know anyone who’d be interested in going for a drink.

5. Networking events

This is the perfect place to meet men who are ambitious, driven, and looking for something serious – if that’s the kind of man you’re looking for. It’s also a great place for you to expand your own network, and potentially find some great business opportunities. There’s totally space to mix business with pleasure!

6. Try volunteering

This is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. It’s something we all should commit to doing regularly in our lives.It’s so rewarding to know that you have helped someone less fortunate than yourself, and given them something they’ll remember forever in their hearts.

7. At a coffee shop

Lots of freelancers and business owners spend large chunks of time working in coffee shops. If you see someone you like who is on a table with a plug socket, ask if you can share a table and plug your tablet or laptop in. This gives you a great excuse to start talking to him. Maybe ask what he’s working on to get the conversation flowing. That said, read the vibe and be careful not to be too intrusive.


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