What To Text A Girl You Just Met And Want To Impress 2023

Updated: February 6, 2023

The last thing you want to do is have a relationship fizzle out before it even gets started just because of a few bad texts. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you hit that send button.

1. ‘Hey’ is for horses

Yes, that’s a clichéd line, but it’s only a cliché because it’s true. ‘Hey’ is not a conversation starter. You can only text “Hey” if you intend to follow it up with something else. You can’t text ‘Hey’ if that’s all you’re going to send and expect her to respond.

2. Time is of the essence

The whole “wait three days to call” rule went out the window when texting was invented. If you text a girl three days after you met her, she’s either going to be put out that you kept her waiting or she’ll have totally forgotten who you are. Just text her when you get home from wherever you met her.

3. Ask questions but save deeper ones for conversation

It’s good to ask questions because it shows that you have an interest in actually getting to know her. She’ll feel appreciated and it can set the tone for a relationship. If you’re only texting short hey’s and hi’s or if you’re texting in a more sexual tone, she’ll know you’re not looking for anything serious.

4. Spell things out

This may seem like a no-brainer, but spelling things out instead of going for abbreviations is better for texting a girl you just met and are trying to show you’re interested. “TOY” is a nice sentiment, but much less nice if she has to Google that it means “thinking of you.” Just text “thinking of you.”

5. Don’t Fall into the Texting Trap

There’s such a thing as the texting trap, and you should do all you can do avoid it. That phrase means that you’ve become comfortable with just texting each other. No one feels compelled to go further than that because texting can become a very comfortable thing.


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