Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Takes On Bowling Balls, Au Pairs And Donald Trump’s New Immigration Policy 2023

Updated: January 29, 2023

A wide-ranging Daily Distancing Show by Trevor Noah saw the host questioning, questioning, questioning the moves and motivations of everyone involved in making decisions on the pandemic.

Take, for example, Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp, who said that bowling alleys would be among the businesses allowed to reopen in the first phrase of getting back to business in that state.

“I’m not a governor,” said Noah. “But it seems like a very strange decision.” Noah noted how asking people to put their fingers in the holes of a bowling ball touched by many was like “joining a competitive sneezing league.”

Noah also mocked a Fox News commentator, who lamented that being without her au pair during the immigration freeze was a hardship that will face many American families. He noted that “0.03 percent” of Americans likely have an au pair. “You’re more likely to have a show on Quibi than have an au pair.”

Trump’s new policy is astonishing in that 2/3 of his three wives are immigrants. Restricting arrivals is “like deleting Tinder,” Noah said.

He ended on a solemn note, saying that while many of us are catching up on Ozark or learning to bake bread during the shutdown, these policies will likely stick around well after everyone is back to work.


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