Tinder Profile Examples for Women 2023

Updated: February 4, 2023

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re looking at that tiny About Me box on your Tinder profile, watching that little red cursor blink, and wondering what in the world you should say about yourself in 500 characters or less. Trying to describe yourself can be daunting, but there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself.

1. Give them something to talk about.

It’s no secret that starting a conversation on a dating app can be hard, so if you want to make it easier for someone to start a conversation with you, give them some easy ways to start chatting. Put a question in your profile, something you’d like them to ask you, a topic that’s up for debate, or an icebreaker. It seems odd to say this, but it doesn’t even need to be about you.

2. Greater than/less than.

An easy way to create a profile that gets people talking, is to use the greater than/less than trick. Simply list out sets of things you could debate or have an opinion about with someone, and say which you think is best. And the more absurd or seemingly trivial, the better. Your profile should show the weird, wonderful things about you and instead of saying what your job is, or that you like to travel, get random.

3. Lists are your friend.

If you want to make your description short, scannable, and easy to read put together a list. It makes your description look more approachable than a large block of text and catches the eye easier. Start with a small headline, then elaborate. And don’t forget to include those small details that spark conversation.

4. First and last.

Another quick way to create a no fuss but plenty of fun profile—list off some firsts or lasts. Listing of things like the last concert you went to, person you called on the phone, place you visited, or even what you had for lunch, gives people a sneak peak into what your everyday life and interests are like. Or want to get nostalgic instead?

5. About You/About Me

Here’s an easy template for a Tinder profile—organize your thoughts into short About Me/About You sections. Just list a few interesting details about you (and, like I said, the weirder and more random the better) then a few things about the type of person you’re into.


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