The Stages Of A Breakup For Men 2023

Updated: February 4, 2023

By understanding the stages of a breakup for men, you can better position yourself to get through it, and start to see the light at the other side of the tunnel.

1. The actual breakup

The first of the stages of a breakup for men is, well, the actual breakup. The process begins when you’re broken up with. For the purposes of this article, we’re assuming a situation where you’ve been broken up with, but it can also be very hard when you have had to break up with someone.

2. Shock

No matter how much you see it coming and can see the writing on the wall, it still feels shocking when it actually hits. During this stage, you’ll find your mind running a million miles an hour trying to process what’s going on.

3. Sadness

Once your mind finally comes to terms with what’s happened, you’ll most likely move into the sadness stage. During this stage of a breakup for men, you’ll start feeling sorry for yourself, feeling down, probably not wanting to do a whole lot, and just wanting to curl up in a ball and feel better.

4. Angriness

After sadness usually comes anger. How could she do this to me? Doesn’t she realize she can’t get anyone better than me? Did she break up with me for someone else? All of these feelings are completely normal. During this stage, it’s imperative, though, that you don’t act on any of these angry feelings by sending angry texts, going to her house.

5. Sad again

After the angry phase, most men generally head back to the sadness stage. But know that the anger passes, and you’ll realize that you’re not any better off after getting mad. And that being sad is ok too, it’s all part of the healing process too.

6. Healing

Hopefully, once you get through these first few stages of a breakup for men, you can get to the last step, healing.


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