The Secrets To A Really Good Dating Profile 2022

Updated: November 29, 2022

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of putting yourself out there? Don’t despair, we’re here to help! All the effort that you put into creating a good dating profile will be worth it when you start to attract the right people. Here are our top tips to get you started.

1. Take great photos

Grab the attention of the partner that you want by adding great photos to your dating profile. Travel photos and images that show you enjoying fun activities will get you noticed. An authentic smile goes a long way towards attracting the right person.

2. Get a second opinion

Unsure about your dating profile? Ask your friends to take a look at it. Their feedback will give your profile the boost that it needs to make a great first impression on the people who read it. If you’re feeling stuck and can’t think of anything to write, ask your friends what they love most about you. Use their suggestions as inspiration to create an authentic profile that captures your best attributes.

3. Be honest

You’re much more likely to hit it off with someone when you have things in common with them. Avoid matching with the wrong people by being honest about who you are. Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship so don’t get off to the wrong start by lying on your dating profile.

4. Be concise

A good dating profile gets straight to the point. Include interesting information that distinguishes you from everyone else and leave out unnecessary details. Information that reveals who you are and what you enjoy in life makes you more attractive to potential partners.

5. Focus on the positive

Ditch the negative comments and cynical remarks. Pointing out what you don’t want in a partner makes you come across as bitter and decreases the appeal of your dating profile. The people reading your profile are likely to think that you’re guilty of the negative traits that you’re complaining about.

6. Check for spelling mistakes

Your dating profile is all that people have to go on before they meet you face-to-face. The cues that they pick up from your writing style have a big impact on whether they see you as a potential romantic partner or not. It has been proven by research that spelling mistakes make you seem less attractive and decrease your chances of meeting the right person.


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