The best sex toys for couples in the UK 2022

Updated: December 3, 2022

Vibrators and cock rings are great, but have you ever used a sex pillow?

By Team Commerce

Yes, of course, there’s something special between you and your sweetie. But perhaps it’s time to add in a little something else.

Fortunately, we find ourselves in the golden age of couples sex toys. There now really is something for everyone. If you have an itch, then it’s pretty much guaranteed there’s a sex toy out there that can scratch it. 

For anyone new to the sex toy game, the humble vibrator or a quality cock ring is a great place to start. For couples ready to take things a bit further in the bedroom, remote controlled and app controlled models mean that you can integrate these high-tech gadgets into your love life seamlessly, and completely hands free. They can even help close the physical gap for couples in long distance relationships.

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s certainly a couples toy worth trying. Here are our picks:

Powerful • Lightweight • A tad on the kinky side

Can get a little slippery when lubrication comes into play

If you’re looking for a toy that doubles as an opportunity to explore your kinky side as a couple, Vesper could be a fun and flirty way to do it.

1. Vesper by Crave

This sleek necklace doubles as a powerful vibrator, which means you could wear it out on date night and get started before you even get home.

  • Made from:
    Stainless steel

Some people wear their sexuality on their sleeve — now, you can wear it around your neck. 

This slim yet surprisingly powerful vibrator comes attached to a necklace chain so that you or your boo can wear it out on a date before going home to get busy. 

A tantalising secret for those in the know, rocking the Vesper can make foreplay start hours ahead of time for a long build-up, which is seriously sexy.

Bulky • Fabric attracts lint

Provides a great opportunity to try new positions or perform oral sex without fear of pulling a muscle.

2. Liberator Sex Position Wedge

While it may seem like a low-tech solution, this brilliant toy works with your body by helping you and your partner counteract gravity.

  • Made from:
    Microfiber (100 percent Nylon)

The Liberator Wedge has the power to make totally new and different positions not only possible but enjoyable. Seriously, every couple needs one of these. 

The 27-degree angle on this 7-inch tall ramp is great for oral action or increasing friction against the G-spot. For the very necessary act of cleaning, the Liberator Wedge is convenient since the removable covers can we easily washed.

It’s comfortable and sturdy, but one drawback is that storage of the pillow may be an issue given it’s bulky size — this is one sex toy that won’t fit in a drawer inside your bedside table — so you may want to stow it in a closet if you’re trying to be discreet. The fabric also attracts lint, but that’s a small price to pay for a device that can help bring your sexual pleasure to new heights (literally). 

Does not constrict when used • Offers a wide range of options in both placement and vibration settings

Larger than your average cock ring

If you’re looking for an excuse to get creative, the TENGA Smart Vibe Ring gives you plenty of options to play with.

While the TENGA Smart Vibe Ring is technically categorised as a cock ring, it’s capable of so much more than just that. 

The magic of this gadget is in its shape, which allows it to work for a wide variety of purposes on a wide range of bodies (and body parts). The key word here is versatility. It’s a luxury rechargeable model with an upright stimulator for enhanced clitoral contact, which sounds great.

The toy has five speeds and two patterns of vibration. So you have options. It’s equally as useful for solo play as it is for use as a couple. 

Comfortable for both partners • Material is soft on skin

Buttons can be tricky to press

Probably the best choice if you’re ready to commit to a rechargable C-ring.

4. Je Joue Mio Ring

If you’re ready to commit to a rechargeable cock ring, then this is the one to choose.

  • Made from:

A big improvement from the traditional flimsy vibrating cock ring, the Je Jou Mio provides deep rumbly vibrations that benefit both partners simultaneously. 

Super soft and stretchy, this cock ring can fit a wide range of penises (or dildos), even fitting behind the testicles should the wearer so choose. It’s also super versatile, with five speed settings and eight different patterns. 

Set the vibration then go hands-free • App makes pleasure possible across long distances

If cock rings just don’t do it for you but you’re looking for something you can operate hands-free, the We-Vibe Sync won’t disappoint.

5. We-Vibe Sync

The compatible app allows each partner remote access to the device, making this ideal for couples who are long distance.

  • Made from:
    Silicone, ABS (plastic)

The We-Vibe Sync is a major fan favourite that can do wonders for penetrative vaginal sex, or just by itself. Worn with one end inside the vagina and with the other end resting against the clitoris like a super comfortable hook, this sex toy will stay firmly in place no matter what. 

Its much-imitated design makes it perhaps the most advanced of all couples vibrators. Unlike a vibrating cock ring, generally used for the same purpose, this can deliver maximum pleasure because of its ability to provide consistent vibration against the clitoris all throughout the thrusting action. Plus, the vibrations provide pleasure to the person doing the thrusting without impeding their movement.

Best of all, the compatible app allows each partner remote access to the device, making this ideal for couples who are long distance. 

Versatility • Adjustable size • Unisex

Great for couples to share, regardless of differences in body size.

6. Unisex Strap-On

Fully-adjustable and comfortable, the harness is a fan favourite, and the 7-inch dildo is a great fit for vaginal or anal play.

  • Made from:

What’s so great about the strap-on harness that comes included with this Lovehoney dildo is that it can be easily adjusted to be worn comfortably by almost anybody, accommodating dress sizes 8-28. And in addition to delivering comfort for the person wearing it, the 7-inch dildo is curved to be G-spot and P-spot friendly, meaning it can be used for prostate stimulation during anal sex or for penetrative vaginal sex. 

Both the harness and the dildo are equally well-received by reviewers, but couples with their own collection of dildos will be happy to know it’s easy to swap out the model that comes standard.  

Waterproof • Three speeds and three patterns

This is a great starter toy for a couple just starting to venture into the world of vibration-aided assistance.

7. GLUVR Finger Vibrator

Small, comfortable, and intentionally non-invasive, this is a great starter toy for any couple.

  • Made from:

GLUVR is a creatively-designed vibrator meant to serve as a natural extension of one’s own fingers. 

Thanks to its innovative design, this finger vibrator turns your digits into tools for stimulation. Not only can it be used for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot play, but it transforms all manner of foreplay fun. The only limit is your own imagination.  

GLUVR also works great as an enhancement to solo play. 

Quiet • Easy to control • Wide range of settings

On the expensive side • Can’t be worn during penetrative vaginal sex

A high-tech product with great engineering and design strengths.

8. LELO LYLA 2 Bullet

If using a toy while out in public piques your interest, this is your best option.

  • Made from:
    ABS Plastic and Silicone

LELO is widely known as a luxury brand within the sextech space, and this high-tech product is a prime example of its engineering and design strengths. 

Worn internally and controlled remotely, the LYLA 2 is perfect for upping the ante on a romantic night out. As one reviewer described, “I love fighting to stay in control, especially in public.” Another noted, “Our secret we share brings us closer makes our bond strong.” 

Another exciting touch is the fact that the remote control responds to the movement of the person holding it, no button-pushing required. 

Not super straightforward to use

A good choice for an adventurous couple, because the Crescendo bends to your whim, and there’s no wrong way to use it.

9. MysteryVibe Crescendo Vibrator

Attention all adventurous types, because this vibrator bends to your whim, so there’s really no wrong way to use it.

  • Made from:

Just looking at the Crescendo, you probably would have no idea that it’s a sex toy. To be honest, it looks more like a dog’s chew toy. But this handy device is actually a super pliable and practical sex toy that works with whatever equipment you’ve got going on downstairs. 

There are a massive range of ways to use the Crescendo. Another exciting feature the Crescendo offers is that it allows you to create your own vibration patterns to try out with its six powerful motors, so it can truly do exactly what you want it to. Or what your partner wants it to do, even from a distance, as that it features smart app controls. 

Easy to install • Ideal for renters since it hangs over any door

Requires upper body strength

This option allows adventurous couples to reach new heights and experience sex in an altogether new way.

No, not those kind of swingers — although you do you.

A sex swing is pretty ideal for anyone who’s wondered what astronaut sex would be like. 

While this simple sex swing won’t exactly eliminate gravity, it will deliver a whole new dimension to your sex life. Easy to hang and use, this over-the-door swing makes those standing positions commonly featured in porn but seemingly impossible to pull off in real life totally doable. Able to support up to 140 kg, it’s also easily adjustable, accounting for height differences in couples 


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