Spotify now allows users to share music to Facebook Stories 2022

Updated: December 1, 2022

Spotify is expanding its integration with social media apps to the most mainstream of social products to ever mainstream — Facebook. Now users can share a track directly from Spotify over to Instagram.

It’s worth noting that although users can already share Stories with Spotify songs embedded via Instagram Stories being cross-posted to Facebook, this is the first time that the sharing has been instituted directly. While Facebook hasn’t told us how many people use its Stories yet but we can estimate it’s a fair number based just on the sheer breadth of Facebook itself.

Meanwhile, Spotify has been building out its product to cover its bases. it has instituted sharing audio clips on Tinder to woo your potential dates like a 21st Century musical Romeo, and you’ll soon be able to croon your opinions on those same songs with its built-in podcast features.

The update should be available now on iOS and Android.


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