Signs Your Online Dating Addiction Has Gone Too Far 2023

Updated: January 28, 2023

You check dozens of profiles, read their backgrounds and even go to their social media accounts to know more about them before swiping. However, spending too much time on Tinder or other dating apps may cause some problems.

1. You Fall Faster

Before Tinder, you used to have solid standards and rules before dating anyone. But your frequent use of dating apps introduced you to a number of people who all appear the right one for you. But the fast-paced nature of online dating gives a sense of pseudo-intimacy. It makes you attached to someone quickly than you typically do.

2. The App Affects Your Self-Esteem

You always feel excited when your match sends you messages. However, it is not everyday that you would get a match or a conversation would lead to a real and serious relationship. Some people tend to lose self-esteem because of their failure on dating apps. This affects your self-worth and make you feel unhappy with yourself.

3. Online Dating Becomes A Top Priority

You now have a number of matches or you didn’t get any. Both situations can encourage you to spend more time on dating apps since you have to reply to their messages or you have to swipe more to find a match. The excessive swiping may affect the level of attention you give to your family, friends, career and even your health. Your dating life is becoming unhealthy as well as your relationships outside the digital world.

4. Dating Apps Help You Move On (You Think)

This sign of online dating addiction appears after losing a relationship or a potential love. You immediately return to dating apps to find a distraction by looking for another date. That may cause some problems. Being dependent on online dating to move on after each heartbreak or rejection can lead to an unhealthy cycle of dependency on dating apps and make you more vulnerable as you seek flings.


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