Should I buy the Ring Door View camera for my apartment? 2023

Updated: January 29, 2023

Best answer: Yes, the Ring Door View camera is an ideal investment for your apartment because it replaces the conventional peep-hole with no damage. Plus, it gives you the benefit of an HD door camera that adds security and convenience to any home.

A better peep-hole

This is the door camera everyone with an apartment needs! I wish they had this when I was in college and often received notices from the apartment managers with recent crime updates around the property- burglaries, assaults, break-ins.

Naturally, I’d often get nervous when someone knocked at my door, especially at night. If I wasn’t expecting visitors, I’d stealthily tip-toe to the door, so the person outside wouldn’t hear me or know I was home. This is the issue with the conventional peep-hole. Anyone outside looking in could tell if you were looking through it! The Ring Door View camera makes it so you can avoid any awkward interactions and it can keep you safe if someone unsavory lurked just outside.

Is a door cam right for you?

This door cam is everything you want it to be as an apartment dweller. Unlike previous Ring doorbells, you can install it where the conventional peep hole is with no hardware, screws, or any damage done to the door. Once it’s in, you can still use the top hole like a regular old peep-hole, but the camera beneath it is where the magic happens.

It’s a smart HD camera that allows you to get mobile notifications when anyone presses the built-in doorbell button, knocks on the door, or triggers the motion sensor. You can then answer the notification to see, hear, and speak to visitors from anywhere you are! You can basically screen your visitors without going near your door.

How does the door cam work?

The Ring Door View cam is completely compatible with Alexa devices. You can see, hear, and speak to visitors through your smartphone, tablet, or smart speaker with a screen, such as the Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen, Amazon Echo Spot. Look out your door by saying ‘Alexa, show me my Door View Cam.’ You can also hear door chimes on devices. Are you concerned visitors may not know the doorbell is on the peep hole? Don’t worry, if they knock instead, the “knock detection” on the device will pick that up and alert you.

Apartment doors usually have more passers by than a single home would, but because of Ring’s new Smart Alerts feature, you won’t have to worry about false notifications every time a person walks by. The smart motion detector knows what’s important and can detect between people and other objects. Even better, with this device you can create custom motion detection zones to focus on or avoid specific areas (helpful if you have a neighbor right across the hall).

A full HD camera, the device is powered by a rechargeable battery that is inside the door. For notifications, download the Ring app on your device and enable notifications. To connect the door cam with Alexa, so you can say “Alexa, answer the door,” enable Ring Door View Cam as a skill in the Alexa app.

Best thing ever

College me would have thought this to be a dream. It’s more than just convenient to be able to peek outside from my bed rather than carefully creeping through my living room like some sort of ninja. With this intelligent door cam, you could even be alerted if that Tinder date you had second thoughts about last week came knocking at your door – even if you aren’t home. Having mobile alerts can keep you safe, and help you avoid any awkward interactions.

The possibilities of this thing rescuing you from unwanted situations are so bountiful, everyone with an apartment should plan on getting one. I can’t wait to get one for my daughter when she goes off to college, so she can enjoy all the privilege and luxury of never having to nervously ninja to her door in the night.

Our pick

Ring Door View Cam

Best Peep-hole EVER

Works with any door that has an existing peep-hole. Enjoy security and convenience by always knowing who’s coming and going. Greet and talk to visitors from your mobile device, watch over packages while you’re gone, and send away suspicious strangers without even opening the door.

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Is the Ring Door View camera worth buying for your apartment?

Our pick

Ring Door View Cam

$199 at Amazon


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