Russia Says Tinder Must Share User Data, Private Messages 2022

Updated: December 1, 2022

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Russia Says Tinder Must Share User Data, Private Messages (



from the my-way-or-highway dept.

An anonymous reader writes: The Russian government has added dating service Tinder on a government database that legally forces the company to hand over user data and private communications to the country’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The database is called ORI, or the Register of Information Dissemination Organizations. According to Russian laws 97-FZ and 374-FZ, companies added to this database must hand over data to Russian police or Russian intelligence agencies like the FSB, upon request, with or without a court order, in order to help with investigations into terrorist and national security cases.

Prior to today, the ORI database contained 175 companies, from both Russia and foreign countries. Tinder’s addition to the ORI database was announced earlier today in a press release published by Roskomnadzor, the Russian government’s telecommunications watchdog, and the agency in charge of maintaining ORI. According to Roskomsvoboda, a Russian non-governmental organization for the protection of digital rights of Internet users, Tinder is the fourth dating service added to ORI, after Mamba, Wamba, and Badoo’s dating portal.

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