Paedophile couple who met on Tinder jailed for 48 years after ‘sinking to depths of depravity’ 2023

Updated: January 29, 2023

Police became aware of the offences after Oliver Wilson had looked into buying used children’s underwear on eBay

A paedophile couple who met on Tinder have been jailed for 48 years after “sinking to the depths of depravity” to satisfy their own sexual urges. 

Rebecca Holloway, 26, and Oliver Wilson, 28, were charged with rape and sexual assault after police investigating Wilson found online conversations between the pair.

The discussion involved graphic details about the sexual abuse and rape of a young girl and further sexual abuse of a young boy in 2017.

Passing sentence at Teeside Crown Court, judge Paul Watson QC said Wilson and Holloway’s text talk about sexual activity with one of the victims made for some of the most depraved and vile reading he had encountered.

Holloway, of Grimsby, and Wilson, Donington, Lincolnshire, admitted two offences of rape of a child, including on multiple occasions and conspiracy to sexually assault a child under 13. Holloway also admitted making and distributing indecent images of children.

Wilson also admitted rape, assault by penetration and making indecent photographs of children.

He told police after he was arrested that he and Holloway were sleeping together for about a year and Holloway said that they met on the Tinder dating site.

In separate offences, Wilson was found guilty at Grimsby Crown Court of 11 charges of rape and sexual abuse of a young girl.

Wilson was handed a prison sentence of 34½ years and Holloway was jailed for 13½ years.

The judge told Holloway: “You were there encouraging Wilson when he was sexually abusing the girl and you played your part in the vile sexual acts to which she was subjected.

“You derived perverted sexual pleasure from what he was doing. You were a willing, even enthusiastic, participant in what happened.

“The full extent of the long-term impact of what you two did to the girl may never be known.

“But it is clear that it has had a profound effect upon her.”

Prosecutor Gordon Stables said that police became aware of Wilson in August 2017 after a paedophile online investigation revealed that he was showing great interest in buying used children’s underwear on eBay.

There was a “clear sexual interest in children” in online conversations and discussions about pictures of underwear.

Holloway had no previous convictions and Wilson had youth court convictions.


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