Online Dating Advice: Stop Texting and Go on a Date 2023

Updated: February 5, 2023

You would think that great texting would be the precursor to a great date but, for some people, passive communication—like texting—is the end game. If you’re looking for something real, you’ll want to avoid wasting time with a messages that aren’t going anywhere.

1. Boredom.

There’s nothing else going on, so this person uses texting as a distraction. Continuing witty banter is fun but, if your goal is to date someone, you should make sure the other person is open and willing to meet you.

2. They’re not really attracted.

Without a real spark, the other person has no real reason to meet up. You might be entertaining, you might have black belt in clever quips, but unless there’s real attraction, your cell phone screen is the furthest the relationship will go.

3. They crave attention.

A lot of women (and men, too) love attention. When their phone is blowing up, and it’s some guy or gal saying, “Hey, let’s go do this. Let’s go do that,” it feels really good. Much better, in fact, than going on the actual date and committing real time and investment in someone else. It’s really important to understand the difference between someone who is just interested in the attention versus someone who is interested in you.


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