No Matches on Bumble? Why and What to Do Now 2023

Updated: January 28, 2023

Bumble is deceptively simple to sue, so nobody really explains the nuance. Getting matches and dates on it can be somewhat of an artform, but I’m here to help. Here are some tips to improve your game when you aren’t getting any matches on Bumble:

1. Check your photos.

The first thing daters see about you is your photos. So if you can’t get matches, it’s best to make sure they’re optimized. Bumble has six photo slots, and you really should be using all of them. Make sure that most of the photos are of you smiling, in enough different settings and outfits to give your profile variety. Avoid group shots, sunglasses, and hats.

2. Don’t slack on your bio.

This one can be a bit tough, because there are a lot of similarities to writing a resume. It feels like you’re supposed to brag, but not be arrogant. Most people feel a little awkward writing about themselves. You’re not alone here. The best profiles are ones that show a little bit about your personality, passions, and interests, while being funny.

3.Link your social accounts.

Linking your social media accounts can be another great way to boost your intrigue. Facebook allows other Bumblers to see your mutual friends, which can positively influence how they view you. Bumble also allows users to link their Instagram and Spotify accounts. Instagram functions like an extended photo album with the added benefit of being less date-oriented.

4. Don’t import your profile from another app.

A lot of people date across multiple apps and use the same profile across each. Don’t be this person. Each popular dating app has a different audience and purpose, and to use the same profile across each of these multiple services can come across as lazy.

5. Be less picky with your swipes.

If you’re only swiping yes on the single most attractive person out of 1,000, try being a little less discerning. It’s okay to have standards, but anybody dating online is more than the sum of their dating profile. Swiping right on more profiles could allow you to meet great people that you would have otherwise dismissed.

6. Switch it up and see what works.

Of course, there are a million and one ways to pick photos, write a bio, and swipe. If you’ve tried one way and you still have no matches on Bumble after a few days, rethink your approach and try again. It’s all about tweaking your formula until you find something that works. Using Bumble and other dating apps is a nuanced artform with no real handbook.


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