NewsWatch: تحلیلگران می گویند که تعرفه های جدید ترامپ ، مصرف کننده ایالات متحده را تهدید می کند و مشکلات بیشتری را برای سهام ایجاد می کند 2022

Updated: August 17, 2022



Additional tariffs will exacerbate a worrying trend of declining business investment and spread a malaise so far confined to the industrial sector to consumer-facing companies as wellSee full story.

How one family went from being $55,000 in debt to saving $350,000 — ‘the fun money really allows us spend on junk’

‘We don’t want to punish ourselves. We are not averse to spending money.’See full story.

This highly accurate stock-market predictor just hit its most bearish level since the internet bubble

Strong consumer confidence should send stock investors to the checkout aisle, writes Mark Hulbert.See full story.

Sorry, you’re not getting $125 from the Equifax settlement, FTC says

The Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday that, due to an overwhelming response, cash payments aren’t going to be anywhere near $125 each, and urged consumers to sign up for the free credit monitoring offered as an alternative.See full story.

This mother took her family on a $2,200 vacation to Disney World — for free

This will be the third vacation Maegan Bagley will take that hasn’t cost her one red cent, and her second to Disney World.See full story.


New research highlights what people likely to become addicted to apps like Tinder and Hinge have in common.See full story.


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