Netherlands Dating Sites With Free Registration 2023

Updated: February 3, 2023

The Best Dutch Dating Sites & Dating Apps 2022

Looking For The Best Dutch Dating Sites?

The Netherlands, is a small and beautiful country in Western Europe, also known as Holland.

The capital city is Amsterdam.

There are many Dutch men and women who love to find a serious relationship and marriage with a foreign person like you!

People from The Netherlands are among the best English speakers in the world among all non-English speaking countries. and most of all are internationally minded and would love to meet a foreigner like you!

8 Dating Sites & Apps in The Netherlands With Free Registration

Here are the best dating sites to meet Dutch men and women looking for love, with free registration so you can try them out for yourself.

Many also have a dating app included!

1. Lexa Dating

Lexa is the Largest Dating site in The Netherlands.

Lexa is a very popular dating site, and is certainly one of the top dating sites you can find in the Netherlands.

The reason Lexa is arguably the best dating site is because they have a lot of profiles, many of which find relationships. Lexa is also very well known to the Dutch public.

Everyone is aware of this site because of radio and TV commercials.

This dating site also organises many (informal) get-togethers for singles.

That way you can more easily get in touch with real Dutch singles.

Netherlands Dating App

Lexa also has a very good dating app. It comes included when you register at the Lexa Dating Site.

Lexa Dating Site Guide In English

The people in the Netherlands usually speak English well, however most dating sites in the Netherlands are in the Dutch Language, but there is a way around this!

For a full guide how to register and navigate the Lexa dating site in English, then read this Lexa Dating Guide, which teaches you exactly how to use any Dutch dating website in English, or in any other language of your choice!

How To Register Free at Lexa

Click the button below to for a free trial registration with Lexa and see it for yourself.

Visit Lexa >

2. Parship Dating Netherlands

For serious relationships only.

Parship is another leading dating site in the Netherlands. Parship is particularly geared for people looking for serious relationships only. Registering on this dating site is therefore only recommended if you are no longer looking for superficial contact.

Parship states that as many as 1 in 3 members find a relationship on their dating site.

Assuming that there are also many members who are not very active (after all, there are a lot of members), this number is very high.

For finding a serious relationship go to Parship, together with Lexa this may be the best dating site for you.

Click the link below for a free signup with Parship and try for yourself.

Visit Parship >

3. EliteDating Netherlands

Best for Dating Highly Educated People.

In addition to the above dating sites that actually focus on everyone, there are also plenty of Dutch dating sites that focus on a target group.

For example EliteDating. This is a dating site that targets the highly educated, and is probably the best at it.

EliteDating focuses on people who are looking for a serious relationship on a high level. Level here refers to education level. Because the members are educated to Bachelors, Masters or University.

The age of the users is generally 30 years and older. EliteDating will find the best highly educated singles for you through an extensive personality test.

Press the button below and try EliteDating for free.

Visit Elite Dating >

4. 50plus match – Dating Dutch Seniors

Senior dating for singles over 50 If you are a single person over the age of 50 and looking for a new relationship, luckily that can be different nowadays than in the past. Internet dating for over 50s is very popular.

And if we look at the best dating site, 50plusmatch comes up among others. The reason why 50plusmatch appears in this list is because the dating site has already received several awards.

For example, television program Kassa has already declared the site the best in the test, and consumer program Radar is also very pleased with the site. Just like the members, by the way, who give the site high ratings and certainly recommend it.

If you want to find a serious relationship with people in The Netherlands with ages 50 and over, try 50plusmatch.

You’ll find a link to this senior Dutch dating site below.

Visit 50PlusMatch >

5. MetJou – Popular Dutch Dating App

Most popular relationship site MetJou, this means “with you, is another fairly large dating site that can be labeled as very popular.

Countless singles find love through this dating site, and that is not without reason. Most of the people on this dating site are looking for a serious relationship, often between the ages of 35 and 65.

However, you will also be able to find some younger people here.

What is also very nice about MetJou is the fact that they are part of Safe Dating Networks.

This allows you to show your profile on many different dating sites related to MetJou.

Try MetJou for free now, click the button below.

Visit MetJou >

6. Ourtime – Active Dating Over 50

For like-minded people over 50.

There are also many dating sites in the 50 plus category. This is because this age group is very active in (serious) online dating. A dating site that competes for the best dating site in this target group is Ourtime.

Ourtime is a relatively new dating site, and is part of Lexa. With this you can at least assume that the site is very reliable. On this dating site you can get in touch with like-minded 50 plus singles.

That is of course very nice, because that way you can do things together that you would otherwise do alone. Ourtime also arranges various activities in the Netherlands with which you can meet other singles in an informal atmosphere.

Think of cultural things, cooking workshops or travel.

Try Ourtime now, you’ll find the free sign up link below.

Visit OurTime >

7. Novamora – Erotic Dating Netherlands

Best for erotic date If you are looking for a passionate or erotic date, so nothing serious, you can definitely take a look at Novamora .

This is a site for singles (and couples, who want to swing for example) with which you can arrange an erotic date. The advantage of Novamora is that the site actively advertises with national campaigns.

You will of course also find a lot of like-minded people here, which greatly increases the chance that you will find someone for that erotic date.

Try Novamora right now, you will find details how to register for free when you click the button below.

Visit Novamora >

8. GayParship – Dutch Gay & Lesbian Dating

There are dating sites for all kinds of people. Likewise for homosexuals.

GayParship can be seen as the best gay dating site for people who are looking for something serious. Most gay (and lesbian) dating sites are more for social or casual contact.

But if you are looking for something serious, GayParship is the right place for you.

Because it is part of Parship, you can assume that everything is well put together and the reliability is high.

Visit GayParship >

Netherlands Online Dating – Conclusion

These were our selection of best dating sites in The Netherlands.

If you don’t know which dating site to choose, test the dating sites yourself with creating a free account right now.

Find your love in The Netherlands right now, the links to all these sites are below.

Lexa Dating

Parship Dating

Elite Dating

50 Plus Match





More Dutch Dating Sites

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