How To Write A Dating Profile For A Man: 7 Useful Tips 2022

Updated: December 4, 2022

If you think that your dating profile needs a little bit of sprucing, you should follow your gut. It’s always good to refresh your dating profile and make sure there’s nothing in there that’s making women reluctant to message you first. Here are a few tips that’ll help you make better matches.

1. Don’t use recycled jokes

It was funny when Chris Rock said it, it’s less funny when it’s in your profile. If anything, write down that you’re a fan of stand-up comedy and try to bring up the conversation on your first date. Otherwise, quotes might come off badly or out of place, or simply look like filler because you can’t think of other original things to say.

2. Make sure not to lie about your height, even if you’re insecure

Short guys may feel like they have a disadvantage, but if they’ve got a great personality, it’s not really an issue for most women. The part that makes a difference is whether or not you’re lying about it. Girls can tell if a guy says he’s 5’10” but he’s 5’6″. That deception right off the bat will make you look untrustworthy. Just be honest, and give your date something better to focus on.

3. Lay off the sexual humor

Obviously you’re hoping to meet someone and eventually have a healthy sex life. But the best relationships require a lot more than that. If you mention dirty jokes or innuendo in your profile, you might come off as being a little creepy or immature. These conversations will come naturally once you’ve built a rapport with someone else.

4. Don’t come off as being too cocky

If you list all of the reasons why you’re great, you’re selling yourself too hard. Nobody’s perfect, and there aren’t any girls out there who are seeking a guy who brags about his high school achievements, especially if he graduated ten years ago. Find one thing you’re really proud of and focus on that.

5. Unleash your sense of humor

Try getting them interested with a funny joke or anecdote. There’s not one girl out there who’d be turned off by a good sense of humor. By making her smile right off the bat, you’re showing that you have a good personality. Jokes are also great conversation-starters. The joke you write should be clever, inoffensive, and perhaps even thought-provoking.

6. Don’t be too negative

You don’t have to justify a dating gap or talk about your recent bad luck when it comes to dating. This isn’t a resume, it’s a snapshot of you. If your profile is a downer, women are going to assume that you’ll be even harder on yourself in person. Those types of interactions can become awkward for both parties.

7. Keep your profile photo fresh

If you’re using a photo from eight years ago that you happen to like, you’re not being very truthful. Same goes if your facial hair has changed up a lot, maybe you’re currently rocking a mustache, but have a fresh-faced photo as your default image. Many dating sites have galleries, so you can still feel free to add these past photos, just don’t make them the first pictures that women see.


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