How To Tell If A Guy Likes You At Work: 6 Things To Look Out For 2023

Updated: February 2, 2023

Every office has different rules for dating, so maybe check these out before you go any further. But even if your company is pretty ok with office romance, we advise only pursuing your work crush when you feel it’s worth it. Here’s our guide on how to know if your coworker is into you.

1. He shows up in the same places as you

Does it feel like everywhere you go, he’s there too? If he’s always showing up at places in the office where you are but he doesn’t need to be, it’s a good indication that he wants to see you. Maybe you’re on different teams but he always grabs the desk next to you. Or does he take his lunch at a specific time just so you can eat together?

2. He attends after work events that you go to

Maybe he’s never been a fan of work events but recently he’s staying for happy hour with colleagues? If you notice that he’s suddenly staying because you’re there, it could be because he wants to get to know you outside of work time.

3. He knows things about you that your coworkers don’t

In the age of Instagram and Facebook, there are ways for you and your coworkers to be connected beyond your office. That being said, most coworkers don’t care about what you’re posting on Facebook and have never watched your Instagram stories.

4. You notice that he talks to you more than other coworkers

If he’s talking to everyone else in the office, he’s probably just a social guy. But do you notice that he speaks to you more than your colleagues? Maybe he comes up to you to chat about a movie he saw that he thinks you’ll like? Or does he message to show you a video that reminded him of you?

5. He remembers little things that other people don’t

A lot of coworkers make small talk. Sometimes you end up having the conversation with the same coworker about the same unimportant things. But with him, he remembers what you say and goes further. He builds on the last conversation rather than repeatedly having the same chat. This could be because what you say matters to him.

6. How to tell if a guy likes you at work? Look at his work buddies

If he’s been at the company for a little while, he’s likely to have developed his clique. We all have our work friends. And he’s no exception. So pay close attention to how his work friends interact with you.


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