How To Attract A Man And Keep Him Interested 2022

Updated: December 2, 2022

As a dating coach, I speak to a lot of women who have worked their way up the corporate ladder and are very successful. Yet, they can’t seem to attract a man who is on their level. Here are best tips on how to attract a man and keep him interested.

1. Be Emotionally Stable

If you want to know how to attract a man who is high-quality, you must be easy going. You must be emotionally stable and make sure that you’re confident and secure with yourself to let things go. These are the foundations of attracting a man that will improve your life for the better.

2. Have a Passion For Something

These men are successful and take pride in their jobs and the ability to provide. Being able to provide is a very masculine trait and when they know they are good at this, it gives them a lot of pride and security in who they are.

3. Focus On Your Appearance

Whatever your standard is, considering raising it slightly to where you are doing your best, while still being yourself. If this means putting on a nice pair of flats instead of sneakers, that’s great. If it means buying some new clothes or taking a makeup class, also great. Whatever you decide your comfortable with is fine, just make sure that you’re always trying your best.

4. Choose The Right Dating Sites

Picking the right dating site can be time-consuming. It is such a personally specific choice and everyone needs a different one. That being said, the majority of people can find success on the most popular sites. The most popular traditional dating site in North America is and is great if you’re over 35.

5. Be Flirty and Witty

Another way to attract a man is by teasing him in a friendly way. Teasing shows that you are fun, witty and also a little bit provocative. Men like this because they like competition. Friendly teasing is a way to “compete” with your man in a battle of wit and it really gets that primal instinct going in him.

6. Improve Your Conversation Skills

One of the easiest ways to get better at conversing with other people is to be interested in everything. That’s right, any topic that he brings up or discusses with you, you should show interest in.

7. Let Him Take The Lead

As mentioned earlier, men are motivated by the chase and this is something they want to do. They want to feel like they are in charge and that you are confident enough to step back and let them make the moves.

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