How Does Tinder Work: A Beginner’s Guide 2023

Updated: January 30, 2023

Arguably the most famous of the dating apps is Tinder. And Tinder can be a blast, but it can also be a bit daunting if you just don’t know what to do with it. So we’re here to help. If you’re wondering how does Tinder work, here’s a simple, step-by-step walk-through:

1. Create your account.

This seems obvious, but it’s a very important first step. To create a Tinder account, first download the app, open it up, and log in using your Facebook. The app will help you by prompting your phone to open Facebook, and voila. You’re in!

2. Modify your account.

Again, this seems a bit obvious, but it’s another important step. You need to choose your pictures and write your bio. Create what the Tinder world will get to know about you. Your bio can be a short, funny sentence or two, or it can be a bit longer and genuine. A major difference between Tinder and some of the other dating apps is the casual vibe. Tinder bios tend to be shorter and sweeter.

3. Get to swiping.

Okay, so once you’re set up, it’s time to “meet” new people. Tinder is the dating app that popularized “the swipe.” Once you’re set up and ready, you will encounter profiles of other people. Depending on which gender you chose when you set up your account, you will encounter either men, women, or men and women. The profiles are just like yours.

4. It’s a match!

So you’re a match. That’s Great! This means you liked someone’s profile and they liked yours too. What happens next is up to each of you. You can absolutely reach out and message that person— which is only an option if you match— or you can wait for the other person to message you.

5. Be safe and use your block button.

Tinder is a dating app, which means you need to be aware of your safety. Not everyone you encounter on Tinder will be a nice or kind person. Some people may harass you or make you feel bad about yourself, but the “unmatch” button really comes in handy for those moments. You don’t have to keep talking to someone just because you matched once upon a time.


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