Having Sex On The First Date: Yes, No, Maybe? 2023

Updated: February 2, 2023

Even today, many women worry that if they have sex on a first date they’ll be labeled as unmarriable. And some men are concerned that if they go all the way on date number one, it’ll seem like they’re not looking for something serious. So here’s our take on whether or not it’s ok to have sex on the first date (spoiler alert, it is).

1. Sex can be fun

Whatever sexual activities you engage in is exclusively up to you and your partner. So if you’re both game, then why not have sex on the first date? Having sex on date number one isn’t unusual. In fact, studies show that just over one-third of people do it!

2. It helps establish whether or not you have chemistry

If you’d like to take things to the next level, then don’t let outdated dating rules get in the way. When both parties are open to the experience, then sex on the first date can be fantastic. It’s an all-in way to test out your sexual chemistry.

3. You might lead the other person on

If both partners are looking to have fun, hook up, and part ways, then that’s one thing. But if one is looking for something serious and the other isn’t, then that’s another story. When it comes to having sex on the first date, make sure you’re honest about your expectations right then.

4. Maybe it’s just not what you’re into

If having sex on the first date isn’t your vibe, then that’s fine too. Opting out of first date sex doesn’t mean you’re rejecting your sexuality, it just means you’re listening to yourself and your body. That’s important. Just like there’s a stereotype out there of the kind of person who does have sex on the first date, there’s one out there for the kind of person who doesn’t too. Neither is accurate.

5. First date sex isn’t always great

Even if you’re super attracted to your date, your first date sex might not be fantastic. Why? Because you don’t know what the other likes in bed! Sometimes, having great sex takes practice. If you’ve only spent one date with your partner, it’s unlikely you’ve had the time to communicate what does and doesn’t work for you.


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