Get Your Boyfriend Back After A Fight 2022

Updated: August 18, 2022

So, it seems that you have had a terrible fight with your boyfriend and broken up but now that your anger and indignation has cooled off, you want to get back with him. In fact, getting back together is all that you can think about because you miss him and don’t want him to fall in love with anyone else.

1. Stop All Contact With Him And Take A Break

During the first few days after a big fight, it is crucial for you to calm down, cease all contact with your ex and focus on yourself and how you are really feeling about things. You both need time and space to chill out, assess things rationally and deal with your resentments.

2. Embark On a Program of Loving Yourself

The best way to think of this initial break is a period where you fall in love with yourself all over again. Treat yourself as nicely as you would him if you have him back. Give yourself a bit of an emotional and physical makeover by: Exercising every day, Going on a diet, Seeing a therapist., Getting a hobby you love, Getting a haircut and Buying new clothes

3. Making Initial Contact After 21 Days or More

Once your 21 days of absence or more have lapsed and you have decided that you have become strong enough emotionally to be indifferent emotionally when you reunite with your ex it is time to make initial contact. The best ways to do this in descending order of effectiveness are: The handwritten letter slid through his mail slot, your best option if he is not returning your emails or texts or blocked you, An email and A text.

4. The Initial Conversation by Phone or Chat

If he doesn’t contact you then you can contact him ONCE by phone or text. It is preferable that you call as it is more personal and effective for him to hear your voice. Invent a reason to see him that has nothing to do with dating. Suggest you meet in a public place which tells him that there is less chance of emotional drama.

5. The First Post Break-Up Meeting

The goal of having this first meeting with him is to show off how attractive and positive you are and also be a bit indifferent which will hopefully awaken his desire to chase you and get you back. During this first is very important for you to: Have an unattainable and confident air, even if you are secretly really wanting to be back together immediately. Dress sexy but don’t overdo it, keep your look classy and a bit dressed up as if you are going on a date or to a great party after you are finished seeing hi

6. Relighting The Relationship Spark

After a first meeting, it should not be hard to reignite that relationship spark as after all, the two of you know each other very well and what turns each other on. This could happen after the next date or after the next ten dates. It’s up to you. Generally, if you have made a great impression on the first meeting he will probably try to commit to you for the long haul again.


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