Dating Apps Like Tinder Worth Trying Out 2023

Updated: January 27, 2023

Tinder is a dating app, of course, but it is also fun. The app comes out at bars in big groups of friends who can’t wait to help each other select who might be the next person you end up dating. If you’re just not that into Tinder, or if you like to keep your options open, here are some other dating apps you should look into.

1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that relies heavily on the woman’s choice. If you’re a woman using the app to meet men, you will only see suggestions from men who have already expressed an interest in you. One of the app’s slogans is, “Ladies, choose from guys who already liked you!” Basically, guys receive up to 21 matches a day, who they either like or pass on.

2. MissTravel

Are you passionate about travel? The aptly titled dating app “MissTravel” is perfect for you. When you match with someone, you can immediately start making travel plans, rather than planning to meet at a bar or a restaurant. MissTravel doesn’t use GPS like most other apps, so you can reach out to anybody, anywhere.

3. Bumble

Bumble is one of the more well-known dating apps for a few reasons. First off, men aren’t allowed to reach out to women first, which puts the ball in the woman’s court and helps alleviate unwanted contact from strangers on the app. If you’re a woman and you’d like to chat with a man, you have to take the first step. And if you’re interested in connecting with people for more than just dating, Bumble has branched out into other areas as well.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid, or as people familiar with the app call it, “OKC” was actually launched before Tinder. But to keep up with the times, OkCupid launched an app (rather than just a desktop version) and is now one of the most popular ways to online date. If you’ are more into searching for people based on interests and passions, or need more gender and relationship choices you can’t filter by on Tinder interests, passions, hobbies, and the like, OkCupid is a great alternative.

5. Hinge

Hinge is another app that’s been steadily making a name for itself. It started as an app that connected you to friends of friends using your Facebook profile and then they revamped their look, and their style, to be the anti-Tinder relationship app. That means, no more swiping. Instead, Hinge has a steam of profiles that you scroll down through before saying no.

6. Zoe and Grindr

Grindr is one of the most well-known non-Tinder dating apps, but it is exclusively for LGBTQIA men or people who identify as men. Zoe is the same idea, but for women, and people who identify as women. If you don’t consider yourself straight, check out these apps for a much more fine-tuned selection of people and features.


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