Bumble Profile Examples for Men 2023

Updated: January 29, 2023

When you’re a man on a dating app like Bumble, things can be a little tricky. It’s hard to present yourself in a way that’s genuine, or to know exactly what to say to attract the people you’re looking for. But there are ways to make sure you’re being respectful and king while also being attractive and fun.

1. Rely on the truth

The truth will set you free, gentlemen. It’s really easy to tell the truth, and if you’re a good person with genuine intentions, it will be easy to create a compelling dating profile. Just be yourself and the rest will come to you.

John, 30
I haven’t dated much in recent years because I’ve been so focused on my career. Now I’m ready to meet the person who will pull my head out of the books and bring me a bit of happiness.

2. These are my passions

It can also be hard to be that honest with complete strangers on the internet. If you prefer to keep it shallow at first, why not discuss a few of your favorite things?

Samuel, 29
I could spend my whole life talking about the Harry Potter movies vs. the Harry Potter books. Yes, I know how old I am.

Tatum, 45
I spend a lot of time reading graphic novels and dissecting articles from The New Yorker. I’m afraid these are pretentious hobbies, but I hope you’ll enjoy making fun of me for them.

3. Talk about your family

Families are a really tricky subject. It is common enough to not have a really fantastic relationship with your entire family, but then again, it’s a nice commonality to rely on. If you feel comfortable talking about your family, or if you’re close with them, they make a great entryway into a conversation.

4. Ask questions

To avoid the dreaded accusation of “mansplainer,” try asking your potential future date a question about him or herself. It’s okay to relate that question back to you because this is your dating profile after all, but you’d be surprised what asking a simple question can result in.

5. Be funny

It’s okay to have your dating profile be short, sweet, and hilarious.

Tyler, 34
What do you call fake spaghetti? (It’s an “im-pasta,” but please message me anyway.)

Lenny, 25
I’m such a nut that even squirrels befriend me.

Luis, 34
Do you know where okra comes from? Okrahoma, of course.

6. Rely on your social media

For men especially, having a poppin’ social media account can really help your potential future partner (man or woman!) feel comfortable. If you’re big on Twitter or Instagram, link it up and let them see who you are for themselves.

Greg, 26
I spend too much time on Twitter, but that does a better job explaining who I am than I can. (Link.)


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