Bumble Algorithm: How Does It Work and Can It Help You? 2023

Updated: January 29, 2023

Basically, Bumble doesn’t mess around. But how does the bumble algorithm work? How do you get matched with potential singles? And how active should you be, in order to have the most success on the app? Here are a few of the many theories about how the Bumble algorithm works that you may find interesting:

1. People who have swiped-right on you will appear first.

Similar to Tinder, people who have used Bumble have noticed they have more matches early on, which tend to filter out the more time they use the app. This could be because Bumble has a similar algorithm to Tinder, which prioritizes showing you people who have already swiped right for you. So if you find that you had early success with Bumble, but it slowly dwindled over time, don’t worry too much about it.

2. It doesn’t figure out your type based on previous matches.

It might be that all of the profiles you go for are guys who are tall, with dark hair, and an athletic physique. But it has been noted that Bumble isn’t able to clock onto this, and will continue to show you a variety of profiles that might be the total opposite of your type.

3. If you right-swipe on everyone, you’ll be punished.

Some people have been speculating that if you’re too swipe-happy on Bumble, they will flag your profile and push you right to the back of the queue, where you’ll have a hard time being seen by any new profiles, if any at all.

4. The most popular profiles in your area appear first.

There’s been a lot of talk and controversy with this one, because it suggests that the most popular and commonly attractive profiles are showing up first every time someone logs into the app. (And Bumble isn’t the only app people have had this suspicion about.)

5. Your profile and photos have to look good.

Some people have done experiments creating fake profiles with blurry photos, and not much of the bio information filled out, and found that the match rate ended up dropping significantly. If you’ve been on the app a while and not had much luck, try switching up your primary photo and see if you have better results.

6. It doesn’t matter how active you are.

Tinder tries to fade out people who aren’t active on their app, but it appears as though Bumble doesn’t have this feature… yet. Even if you haven’t been on the app in ages, your profile will still be shown to everyone—something a lot of people using the app have claimed.


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