An Honest Look At What Intimacy Means To A Man 2023

Updated: January 28, 2023

Intimacy is often confused with sex. But just as people can be sexual without being intimate, intimacy can happen without a sexual component being present. Broadly speaking, intimacy means deeply knowing someone, while also feeling deeply known yourself.

1. Physicality Does Play a Big Role

Women typically have higher levels of oxytocin, the bonding hormone. Men release this hormone at their highest level during sex, which leaves them at their most vulnerable and intimate. It’s easy to see how the physical aspect plays such a large role in being intimate for men.

2. Compliments are Intimate

Everyone enjoys feeling good about themselves, and men are no different. Though most men won’t tell you they need to hear these things, getting a boost of confidence from your partner is never a bad thing. Frequent reassurances about themselves, their career paths, and even sexual prowess are all great ways to boost self-confidence and harness intimacy in your relationship.

3. Emotional Intimacy Matters

From a very young age, culturally men are often taught not to show weakness. That’s why it’s vital to let your partner know they can be vulnerable with you without repercussions. When we look at what intimacy means to a man, we can’t discount emotional intimacy.

4. Space Creates Intimacy

Most men need space to breathe. One of the biggest challenges in relationships between men and women is the need for space. On average, the female partner wants more time spent together, whereas the male partner wants more time apart. This doesn’t speak to anything wrong in the relationship, it’s a matter of finding a balance of closeness and separateness.

5. What Intimacy Means to a Man

When a relationship has the intimacy it needs, both parties feel safe and secure. Men especially know they can be vulnerable and open with their partner, express their emotions without fear, engage in physical and emotional intimacy, and be assured their need for space will be respected.


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