8 Tips for Fun, Flirty and Effective First Date Conversation 2023

Updated: February 3, 2023

First date conversations can be quite tricky. You want to be fun and flirty, but don’t want to come across as arrogant or needy. We have you covered. Here’re eleven easy tips to help get you on the way to top-notch first date conversation. Paying attention to a few simple pointers can give you the confidence to relax, chat away and make a great first impression.

1. Be Upfront About the Feels

Almost everyone on the planet gets nervous about a first date conversation. You’re not alone. If you’re feeling a little nervous, just be upfront and admit this to your date. It can be a great icebreaker and will help you both feel more comfortable.

2. Show Interest

It’s always a good idea to show interest in the other person, especially during first date conversation. People love to talk about themselves and usually have interesting stories to share if you’re interested. It also takes the pressure off you, if you’re feeling a little shy.

3. Ask About Their Faves

Everyone loves talking about their favorites, be it bands, bars or TV shows. Asking your date questions about their favorite things in life will help the conversation flow smoothly. You might discover that you both even share the same, and that’s a solid reason to keep a good thing going.

4. Pause on Getting too Personal

It’s natural to want to share all the information about your life with your new date. But, you don’t want to give away too many personal details immediately. Wait until you get to know the person better before discussing more private topics. Try keep first date conversation open but also light-hearted.

5. Avoid the P-Word

Everyone has different political views, and politics can be a very touchy subject these days. You’ll want to avoid this altogether, unless it comes up naturally. It’s one of the easiest ways to make the conversation turn into a shouting match, and no one wants that.

6. Stick to the Truth

Don’t tell your date you’re a famous musician, if you’re a music teacher. It’s important to be realistic and honest. You’ll want to come across as your best self, but you’ll also want to come across as your authentic self. Your date wants to know you for who you really are, so there is no need to embellish your accomplishments.

7. Keep Finances Off the Table

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask about your date’s job, but it’s quite rude to ask about your love interest’s money matters. You don’t want to come across as someone who only cares about how much money the other person makes. Have fun and get to know the person instead – there’s much more interesting topics to discuss anyway.

8. Don’t Be a Negative Nelly

Some of us just have a dark and self-deprecating sense of humor, but this can come across as having really low self-esteem to your date. Try to avoid making self-disparaging comments, even if they are only meant to be humorous. You want to put your best foot forward and confidence is a lot more appealing!


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