8 of the best online courses to help you find love 2023

Updated: February 5, 2023

We’ve rounded up what we consider to be some of the best online courses for dating, relationships, and love.

By Robert Anderson

Love, dating, and relationships can be a little daunting at times, and there’s actually a lot more to consider than you might think. Whether you like to swipe left and right, strike up a conversation in a bar, or dance your way into the bedroom, sometimes we all need a little advice in order to figure out what we really want. 

If you’re looking to learn a little more about how you can improve your love life, there are actually plenty of informative courses online that can set you up for success. Let’s face it, most of us go into dating with little to no experience and simply learn as we go. Asking for a little advice never hurt anyone.

Flirting, online dating, and first date jitters are all topics of discussion, and that’s just for starters. There’s plenty to learn, and with the help of these easy to understand courses, you can really start to feel confident with all matters concerning the heart.

To help you on your way, we’ve rounded up what we consider to be some of the best online courses for dating, relationships, and love. These are all great starting points, and worth considering if you’re serious about improving the way you approach finding a partner. 

These are the best online courses for finding love.

All-in-one course • Lifetime access • Lots of video

Learn everything you need to know about dating.

This all-in-one dating course is a great starting point for both men and women. Featuring seven different individual courses in one, it’s never been easier to improve your dating confidence.

With over seven hours of on-demand video to watch, you’ve got plenty of different courses to dig into with this deal. There’s help on flirting, asking questions, attracting the kind of person you want to date, and much more. 

It’s extensive and covers a lot of subjects, so if you’re not looking to dive into too many different forms of learning, this is the course for you. 

Quick and easy • Lifetime access

This quick and easy course will teach you how to flirt in no time.

Flirting isn’t always the easiest task to undertake. There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to dating, flirting, and generally keeping up with an interesting conversation. 

This course will teach you the very basics, and keep you dynamically moving through most conversations with your date. Enter most situations with the confidence to enjoy your time, and really get to know the other person.

With one hour of on-demand video, this course is short, sweet, and easy to use. Quickly turn your conversation, flirting, and mindset into a positive and enjoyable endeavour that will ensure you get a lot more success in your pursuit for love. 

Plenty of resources • Lifetime access • Lots of video

Use a collection of resources to help construct your online dating profile more effectively.

Online Dating

Navigate online dating the right way with this course.

    Remove the frustration from online dating and learn how to find love online with absolute ease. This comprehensive course shows you exactly how to set up your profile in order to attract the right person.

    Featuring a number of great resources to help you along your way. This includes samples of good and bad dating profiles, online dating photo guide, ice-breakers, and more. 

    Break down barriers and start getting to know people quickly. Use a few quick tips and tricks to communicate more effectively online, and move you one step closer to getting that next date.

    With over two hours of video content, alongside some great supporting resources and articles, you will be on your way to finding the right person. 

    Plenty of resources • Example conversations • Lifetime access

    Knowledge of dating apps needed

    Easy to learn skills that will help you become more confident with dating apps such as Tinder.

    Dating App Success

    Learn the easy way to find dates on apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and more.

      Using the most popular dating apps can be an intimidating venture. With so many profiles to look at and compare yourself to, it can be easy to get lost in a pool of never-ending swipes. 

      Instead of conceding yourself to poor results on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and more, its time to get pro-active and start fun conversations with great people. Create the perfect profile photo, along with key profile information, in order to get as many matches as possible in a short space of time. 

      Suggesting dates is also a key part of this course, and there are a number of great suggestions on how to get your date excited to spend time with you. With over three hours of on-demand video and plenty of additional resources, it won’t be long before you’re navigating Tinder with ease. 

      Plenty of resources • Long course

      Gain the tools and confidence required to find real love.

      Set yourself up to find the right partner. Finding love isn’t easy, but if you approach dating the correct way, you can increase your chances infinitely. 

      This course follows multiple different modules all of which are looking to develop your attitudes towards love. Learn about how your physical, emotional, and mental state can alter your love life in the short and long-term. Core parts of this course are all about setting the right boundaries,  letting go of limiting beliefs and embracing people for who they are. 

      Dating with a purpose will allow you to let go of your inner conflicts and instead focus on enjoying dating for what it is. Once you’re happy with yourself and content with finding someone at your own pace, everything will eventually click into place. 

      With over two hours of on-demand video and seven articles to work on, this course can get you a few steps closer to dating happiness. 

      Plenty of resources • Lifetime access

      Part of a string of courses

      Learn the tricks involved with having a fun and meaningful first date.

      How to Get a 2nd Date

      Make your first, second, and all follow-up dates, fun, interesting, and meaningful.

        It is time to master the dating game. There’s plenty to learn about flirting, dating apps, and finding love. But what about actually going on a date?

        There are several factors to consider, but all can be explained with this course focusing on first and follow-up dates. Using these tips and tricks you can really start to enjoy dating, avoid falling into the friend-zone, and master body language. 

        This course uses a number of real interviews with women to back up its claims and teachings. There are over twenty downloadable resources alongside three hours of on-demand video, all built to assist in your hopes of have fun, interesting, and meaningful dates. 

        Self-reflection • Plenty of resources

        Take your time and really learn what it takes to be in a loving relationship.

        Dating isn’t just all about swiping right, chat-up lines, and fancy dinners. When it comes to actually building a relationship with someone, sometimes you have to take a minute to self-reflect. 

        This course uses Tantra as a primary theme and suggests self-realism and the denouncement of ‘perfect’ relationships in order to better ourselves. Using the right approach and attitude, you can turn fights into productive discussions, problems into solutions, and dating into a real loving relationship.

        Through several videos and a collection of resources, you can begin to learn what actually makes you happy, sad, angry, and more. This course is for those who want to reconnect with their body in order to improve the everyday aspects of life, including love and dating. 

        Quick and easy • Lifetime access

        Not for new relationships

        It is time to look at love differently.

        Relationship Coaching

        Manage your relationship in a new and thoughtful way in order to avoid unnecessary tension building up.

          Long-term relationships can be difficult to manage. This course focuses on the root problems that may interfere with healthy relationships and helps you work past any negative tension.

          It is time to ease the significance of small issues and develop the growth of your mind, rather than conflict. Arguing, fighting, conflict and silent suffering are just some of the topics discussed, all with the intention to start building a relationship that is consistently happy and healthy. 

          Including over three hours of on-demand video, one article, and sixteen online resources, Relationship Coaching is fully equipped to tackle the core issues that can plague even the most loving couples. 

          This course is great for couples seeking help, or even singles looking to ensure their next relationship is going in the right direction from the off.


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