8 Cute Relationship Goals You Should (And Can) Aim For 2023

Updated: January 30, 2023

From romantic quotes to funny memes and extravagant vacation photos, it seems like cute relationship goals are everywhere on social media these days. But relationship goals don’t have to be aspirational.Here are our favorite relationship goals that every couple can aim for.

1. Schedule regular date nights

It may sound cliché, but date nights are important. Whether you’re in the early days of a relationship or you’ve been with your partner for years, spending quality time together matters. You can always make time for one date a week, even if you’re quarantining.

2. Create cute nicknames for each other

Do you and your partner have nicknames for each other? Sure, it may sound cringy, but studies show that using pet names can bring partners closer together. Opt for a classic “sweetie” or “darling” or else kick it up a notch and get a little creative. How about giving them a nickname based on their favorite cartoon character? Or one that ties in with their quirks and personality?

3. Compliment each other consistently

Compliments make us feel good and when you’re in a relationship, they help you feel acknowledged by your partner. Forgetting to show appreciation for your partner can be easy, especially when you lead a busy life.

4. Have inside jokes

Simple but important, having inside jokes is one of our cute relationship goals. Being able to be your most goofy self with your partner helps you two to stay close. It keeps your relationship light and fun, something that might fall to the wayside as your relationship progresses.

5. Make a couple’s bucket list

A fulfilling relationship is one where you have rewarding experiences together. Making a bucket list isn’t just a fun activity for you to do with your partner, it inspires you to put your dreams into action. Talking about the future is a great sign that you’ll have one with another too. Any couple can passively talk about their goals from time to time, but actively writing them down together gives you a better shot at achieving them.

6. You see the best in each other

Seeing the best in your partner isn’t always easy, but it’s one of our cute relationship goals. When we try to see the best in our partner, even during a conflict, we tend to bring out the best in them too. For example, choose to recognize their kindness and integrity rather than their annoying or negative traits.

7. Create special gifts for each other

Thoughtful gifts are a great way to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them. Don’t wait for a special occasion to give them something, why not treat them to a gift today? It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something heartfelt that reminds them of how much they mean to you. Gestures like this are particularly important in long-distance relationships.

8. You can relax around each other

Probably the most important thing to aim for in a relationship is to always feel comfortable around your partner. Being able to voice your opinions and be yourself is fundamental to an authentic relationship. Every relationship has its own goals and that’s the way it should be. So talk to your partner and set your own.


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