7 Surefire Signs She Wants A Serious Relationship With You 2023

Updated: January 29, 2023

Many modern daters are wary of showing all of their cards. They worry that wanting to get serious will make them look weak and less desirable, so they go with the flow and suppress their feelings, especially early on. How to Spot the Signs She Wants a Serious Relationship with You:

1. She likes having deep conversations

When you’re casually dating someone, getting to know them on a deep, personal level isn’t always a priority, and there’s nothing wrong with that! You stick to surface-level topics like work, news, and pop culture, have casual fun, and call it a day. But when you want to be exclusive, you’re interested in learning as much as you can about someone.

2. She’s responsive

When a girl wants to get serious, she doesn’t play games. She responds to texts in a reasonable amount of time, she doesn’t abide by the now ancient ‘three-day rule’ and she won’t ghost you or disappear for days on end. It’s her way of showing that she doesn’t want to waste your time or keep you guessing.

3. She talks about the future in big ways…

One of the clearest, most direct ways you know a girl is interested in getting serious is if she talks about the future, and specifically, asks about your future. She’s gauging what you see in your future, if it aligns with her vision for her own future, and if you have room for her in it.

4. …and small ways, too

Sometimes, girls talk about the future in more subtle ways, too. If she buys tickets to a concert that’s three months away with the intention that you’ll go together or invites you to a wedding that’s next season, know that she’s getting serious about you. And how you respond to these invitations, though seemingly small, will speak volumes to her about where you stand.

5. She leaves things at your place

She didn’t leave that comfy pair of shorts in your drawer or that contact solution in your medicine cabinet by accident. She’s envisioning a world where she’ll be at your place often enough to use them. If you want to show her that you’re serious, too, buying her a toothbrush to keep at your place is the most romantic gesture you could possibly do and will win you serious relationship points.

6. She’s introduced you to her friends

Girls don’t introduce their friends to just anybody. But when they get serious about a guy, they want their friends to meet him so they can get their honest opinions of him. If she suggests getting drinks with her gal pals, it’s a sign she’s ready to take things to the next level.

7. She comes right out and tells you

Not every girl beats around the bush. Some come right out and say it. Like we said above, when girls get serious about guys, they stop playing games. If she’s really committed to settling down and being exclusive, she might just come right out and tell you.


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