5 Simple Tips to Get Noticed on Online Dating Sites 2022

Updated: November 30, 2022

Online dating presents its own unique challenges. Like, how are you going to get someone to notice you, when you’re online, without relying on the same tricks that used to get people to notice you in real life? There are many ways to get noticed online, and they’re as easy and simple as lifting your finger off the keyboard and hitting a few keys.

1. Turn your flabby, out-of-shape dating profile into a lean

Trust me, people do notice your profile. Is it properly filled out? Is it specific? Do you have enough relevant information in your descriptions? Are you representing yourself honestly? Did you remember to fill out your interests, including your favorite music and movies? Take a little time and write something about yourself. Even if it’s just a few words about your interests or where you are in your life, it’s gives people a better idea of who you are and what you’re looking for.

2. Make sweet sweet love to the camera.

You need photos. How are you going to attract anyone with a gray, faceless avatar? Unless they have a serious thing for faceless avatars (and nobody does) there is no way anyone is going to contact you for a date without a photo. In fact, according to the online dating site Zoosk, people with three or more photos on their dating profile tend to get more messages.

3. View as many profiles as you can.

Most dating sites allow people to see who’s viewed them. That means even if you don’t directly message someone, they can still get a sense of your interest since they know you’re checking them out. If you’re shy about messaging, or maybe just don’t have the time, viewing a lot of people can help you reach out.

4. Take advantage of emoticons.

If you’re interested in someone but aren’t at the point where you want to send them a direct message, why not do the easy thing and send an emoticon? Most dating site have their own way of winking or smiling at someone, but you can always type out your own emoticon too. Winking is kind of hard to do smoothly in real life (sometimes, you try to wink and it gets confused for an odd facial tic) but luckily, it’s much easier to accomplish online.

5. Carpe diem.

Indirect methods of flirtation are always an option to help you get noticed. But if you’re the more adventurous type, the best way to get someone’s attention online is to write them a message. So go for it!


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