5 Online Dating Stereotypes: Are You One of Them? 2023

Updated: January 28, 2023

There are a lot of online dating clichés, but could you actually be one of them. To help you stay clear of the basic online dating mistakes, we’ve come up with the top 5 most common stereotypes. Hopefully, you won’t recognize yourself in any of them.

1. The Fresh Out of a Breakup Girl

Therapy costs money. But here’s a great life-hack—You can dump all your issues on an unsuspecting stranger for three hours if you trick them into going on a date with you, and you’ll get a free drink out of it too. Play your cards right, and they may spring for dinner if it means being able to get a word in edgewise while you’re mouth is full of wedge salad.

2. The Over-Tinderer

This is the type of person who applies to so many jobs they can’t even remember what their interests are. Who buys tons of clothes without trying any of them on, and then makes mass returns. They Tinder Rory Gilmore style, going above and beyond swiping, and then losing track of all the Mikes that have replied.

3. The “I’m New to This” Guy Who’s Been On the Site for A Year

This is the same guy who says, “Um, I’m not from around here,” when he gets caught making an illegal U-turn. His general innocence about the whole online dating thing puts you at ease because he’s not really “playing the game” yet. It also covers a whole manner of sins. Oops! He totally didn’t see your messages.

4. The Always Message, Never Meet Girl

She’s the cutest. All flirts and smiley faces. Loves to chat about her day and fish for compliments while she’s at it, and you eagerly oblige because she’s funny and adorable and puzzlingly enough, it’s been three weeks and you haven’t met her yet.

5. The “I’m Not a Stereotype” Guy

“Also I’m 6’1, since that seems to matter to everyone…” Cool opening line. This guy is ~different. His profile pic of him standing on a rock, back toward the camera while he enjoys the breathtaking vista is totally different from all the other guys standing on a rock enjoying the vista and contemplating how unique they are.


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