25 Quick Online Dating Tips Based on Data 2023

Updated: February 5, 2023

Navigating the intricacies of online dating can get a little tricky. It’s hard to know how to break the ice, what to say to keep the conversation going, or when it’s time to stop chatting and ask for a date. From ditching the group photo to talking about your kids, here are 25 quick tips to keep in mind as you look for love online.

1. Show off a little.

Adding a full body photo can get you 203% more messages.

2. Focus on you.

People with more than one person in their profile photo get less messages.

3. Mix it up men.

Men with at least one outdoor photo get 19% more messages.

4. Keep it honest.

People who use the word honest in their profile get more messages.

5. Take a selfie ladies.

Women with selfies get 4% more messages.

6. Short first messages work best.

First messages between 61 and 69 characters get the most replies.

7. Mention his or her profile.

Messages that mention someone’s profile get 25% more responses.

8. Have a sense of humor.

Saying that something’s funny in a message can boost responses by 108%.

9. Don’t be afraid to get cute.

Messages that use the word adorable get 106% more responses.

10. Be interesting.

Saying that something’s interesting can boost responses by 94%.

11. Mention your pet.

Messages that mention a pet get 88% more responses.

12. Religion is an ok topic.

Messages with the word religious get 156% more responses.

13. Go ahead and talk about your kids.

Mentioning kids in a first message can get you 34% more responses.

14. Be a health nut.

People with the word healthy in their profile get 17% more messages.

15. Give a compliment.

Messages with the word cute get 54% more responses.

16. Laugh it up.

People with the word laugh in their profile get more messages.

17. Flatter away.

Messages that use the word gorgeous get 45% more responses.

18. Mention his or her hair.

Messages that compliment someone’s hair get 84% more responses.

19. Have fun with it.

Messages with the word fun get 28% more responses.

20. Talk about tattoos.

Messages that ask about someone’s tattoo get 76% more responses.

21. Ask about his or her day.

Messages with the word day get 56% more responses.

22. Always be nice.

Using the word nice in a first message can boost responses by 68%

23. It’s ok to admit when you have a crush.

Using the word crush in a message boosts responses by 121%.

24. Compliment his or her eyes.

Messages that mention someone’s eyes get 64% more responses.

25. Keep it cool.

Messages with the word cool get 62% more responses.


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