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Updated: January 29, 2023


Upgrade your wank session with these porn and erotica alternatives.
Upgrade your wank session with these porn and erotica alternatives.

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ByJess Joho

Most of us are watching porn, whether or not we admit it. But aren’t you tired of (or maybe even troubled by) just doing the same old thing to get off online over and over again?

If you’re wondering why you’ve become so bored by the widely accessible mainstream porn that just seems to keep doing more of the same, Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek deserves part of the blame. As does Xvideos, the most-viewed porn site, which is owned by WGCZ. But don’t worry, there are porn and erotica alternatives that can upgrade your self-love sessions.

For years now, MindGeek has been accused of monopolistic dominance in the porn industry. In addition to Pornhub, it owns RedTube, YouPorn, Xtube, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and many more. MindGeek disputes that characterization, with representative Michael Willis pointing toviewership datathat shows its sites aren’t alone among the most popular porn sites (it owns three in the top 10 and seven in the top 100). Still, MindGeek has avast amount of power and influenceover porn industry actors and producers. Its biggest competitor, WGCZ, keeps alow-profileandcamouflagesits network of brands (contact information for WGCZ wasn’t immediately available).

“We don’t dispute that MindGeek properties drive considerable traffic, but to say it drives a disproportionate volume of traffic is not accurate,” Willis said over email.

Take that as you will. Monopolies are, of course, bad for consumers, workers, and antithetical to healthy competition. Just look at the hullabaloo on Capitol Hill overBig Tech. 

Free porn sites (aka “tube” sites) oftenrely on profiting off of widespread piracy, making it near impossible for performers to earn a living. MindGeek spends nearly $2 million to combat piracy, according toTechCrunch, “though that would amount to less than half a percent of the company’s2015 revenue.” Blake White, Pornhub’s vice president, added in an emailed statement that the site removes copies of videos that have beenfingerprinted— a free service that acts as a digital watermark — and works to remove pirated content featuring its partners from other tube sites.

Accusations of monopoly and piracy aside, MindGeek, Pornhub, and Xvideos are, to varying degrees, linked to troubling legal allegations.

In January, ajudge awarded$13 million to 22 women who accused porn producer Girls Do Porn of tricking and coercing them into performing. Girls Do Porn had been affiliated with Pornhub and Xvideos. While Pornhub took Girls Do Porn’s channel down in October, after federal prosecutorscharged Girls Do Porn owners and employeeswith sexual trafficking, its page is still up on Xvideos. (The criminal case is ongoing and the civil suit was initially filed in 2016.) 

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Separately, in 2018, adult performerNikki Benz sued MindGeekfor sexual battery. (Los Angeles prosecutors declined topress criminal charges.) MindGeek’s Willis wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit.

Ethical porn, which focuses on performers’ rights, consent, and safety, has become an increasingly discussed issue in the industry. Unfortunately, there’s really no such thing as guaranteed ethical free porn in the way that tube sites provide it.

Aside from most perpetuating the same problems described above, there’s also little industry transparency, accountability, or credible information available. It’s basicallyindustry whistleblowersfeeling as though they sacrifice their careers to speak up or journalists shedding light on abuses like those alleged against Girls Do Porn.

Yet the reality is free porn isn’t going anywhere (for now), and some tube sites can be more ethical than others. New business models are emerging that provide free clips with the explicit permission of performers and creators.

Trying out alternatives to Pornhub and Xvideos is about so much more than just ethics, though. There are whole worlds of unique NC-17 content just waiting to be explored, perfect for both aficionados and newcomers. There are sites with artsy high productions, the down and dirty kinky, genuine amateurs, personalized experiences with stars, and an underrated category of erotica that isn’t just video porn.

Links below are NSFW and 18 only, obviously.

Free porn

Ethical free porn is hotter than unethical free porn.

Ethical free porn is hotter than unethical free porn.

Image: vicky leta  / mashable


  • The gist:Categorizing itself as a feminist porn site, Bellesa provides ethical free porn through a partnership program, with curated and relatively lengthy (typically at least 10 minutes long) free clips directly from the creators. That includes videos from their own in-house studio too, Bellesa Films, which you canpay to see in full. There’s also user-submitted erotica, articles on sexual health, and a built-in sex toy shop.

  • Best for:Beginners or those with more softcore, women-friendly, sex-positive tastes that are on a budget and don’t like to waste too much time searching getting off.

  • Ethics:Whileinitially criticizedfor perpetuating the pirated porn issues, its partnership program introduced a viable model for ethical free porn to the industry.


  • The gist:This performer-oriented platform is all about creating a space where free porn helps instead of hurts content creators. With a format that spotlights performers who are usually just starting out and trying to make a name for themselves, it includes only the free clips they offer, from interviews to previews to full videos.

  • Best for:Ethically-minded budgeters who put favorite performers above preferences for a specific category or type of content.

  • Ethics:Innovatingone of the most viable ethical free porn modelsever, MVTube not only serves as a promotional tool for newcomers to build a loyal following, but also provides 67 cents for every 1,000 views. To boot, it includes inclusive categories that are much more queer-friendly than your typical tube site.


  • The gist:An unexpected haven of ethical and free communal horniness, the “front page of the internet” has an abundance of thriving porn subreddits. Amateur lovers rejoice, because there’s something for absolutely everyone inr/realgirls,r/girlsinlove,r/girlsgonewild,r/gonewild, andr/gonewildtrans. These aren’t places of exploitation, but communities that celebrate exploration, both from the uploader and receiver’s perspective. If the loss of NC-17 Tumblr has left you feeling without a welcoming horny internet community to call home, then you’re in luck.

  • Best for: The kind of grounded, home video, guilt-free stuff that somehow leaves you feeling like maybe this whole porn thing can actually be a net positive for society. It’s also perfect for voyeurs and those with an exhibitionist kink.

  • Ethics: If you know Reddit, you know the best moderators tend to take their rules seriously. In each of these subreddits, the identity and age of every submission is thoroughly vetted and then protected to ensure the content isn’t being uploaded maliciously.Reddit’s rulesstrictly forbid involuntary pornography and sexually suggestive content involving a minor. Piracy is pretty much a non-issue since professionals are forbidden from posting. Realness is valued above all else, so you get much less of the manicured misogynistic bullshit of regular porn. On top of all that, encouraging comments are the norm, while mean-spiritedness and hate speech is either strongly discouraged or flat out banned. 


  • The gist:Calling itself an “independent tube site,” xHamster is a hugely popular and big library (over 10,000 pages and counting) focused on authentic amateur content uploaded by users from within its community.

  • Best for: Those who absolutely cannot do without the tube site experience, but are looking for a lesser of two evils.

  • Ethics and inclusivity: This one was on the line for us, but ultimately xHamster’s efforts to take a stand on controversial issues pushed it over the edge. Like all tube sites, xHamster can be a home for non-consensual porn, and survivors have expressed how difficult it is to get them removed. Far from immune to piracy, an xHamster spokesperson pointed to the site’spublic-facing formfor copyright allegations and its commitment to taking down illegally uploaded content through AI and machine-learning algorithms. (To be fair to Pornhub, its fingerprinting system seems much more sophisticated.) xHamster was also caught up in the Girls Do Porn controversy. It disabled its Girls Do Porn channel and began actively taking down the company’s videos in August as well as built an algorithm to spot common search terms related to the videos. But copies with purposefully evasive titles still fall through the cracks. Whenever Girls Do Porn is searched on the site now, xHamster warns users about the studio’s exploitations and urges viewers to report any of its videos. But all this just shows how near impossible it is to be an ethical free tube site in the traditional sense, even for those making the effort. Overall though, xHamster is more vocal about advocating for diversity and inclusivity than others. It onceblocked North Carolina users to protest an anti-trans bathroom bill. Last year it banned searches for acelebrity’s leaked nude photosandscolded userssearching for R. Kelly’s infamous videos with a minor.

Paid porn

Your sex life deserves an investment into paid porn.

Your sex life deserves an investment into paid porn.

Image: BOB-AL GREENE / mashable


  • The gist:BDSM is one of the most misunderstood and maligned genres of porn, often used as evidence for why it’s inherently misogynistic and bad for society. But Kink.com proves quite the contrary, consistently regarded as one of the most ethical names in porn while providing a seemingly endless library for every type of perversion.

  • Cost:$15-$39.99 a month depending on subscription plan

  • Best for:Lovers of hardcore BDSM porn who want to ensure their performers are being treated ethically.

  • Ethics:First of all, consent is absolutely key to any healthy BDSM experience, andKink.com embedded that into its mission. While sadly the in-house studioshut down back in 2017, it continues to ensure the safety and well-being of every performer by requiring all studios follow their strictKink Consent Protocols. Performers fill out acomprehensive checklistof what they consent to, which is enforced throughout shooting with check-ins and aftercare. The company even created amore generalized version of this checklist, to encourage others to make this standard industry practice.  


  • The gist:Taking the online horniness industry by storm, OnlyFans has basically created a whole new category of adult entertainment. Essentially combining social media influencers and models with the appeal of camming, it’s a platform that gives fans direct access to a much racier version of their Instagram favs’ feeds (if they pay a monthly fee, of course). They can even direct message them with personal requests. Basically, this is where folks like Belle Delphine (aka Bath Water Girl) will direct her fans to when they cry out for aPornhub video. Content ranges from just a bit more explicit than IG, to full blown NC-17 sex. 

  • Cost:Depends.

  • Best for:Instagram lovers who seek a a bit of personal connection to their spank bank material.

  • Ethics:OnlyFans puts the power back in the hands of the X-rated performers who don’t need to rely on monopolistic platforms or unethical production companies to get paid. However there was recently ahuge safety breach leaking terabytes of content, which undermines what’s valuable about the platform. Be wary of participating in that piracy.


  • The gist:If you’re looking for an auteur of porn, look no further than Erika Lust. The feminist indie adult filmmaker creates beautiful works of erotic cinema through her two main projects. LustCinema publishes feature-length films by female directors every Friday, which cover many categories but share an emphasis on the sensual, passionate, and emotional. Meanwhile with XConfessions, Lust takes submissions from subscribers and turns their greatest fantasies into a reality on screen. From the content itself to the creators behind it, there’s an emphasis on inclusivity and diversity.

  • Cost:$11.40-$34.95 a month depending on subscription package

  • Best for:Cinemaphiles who like a little bit of plot and a whole lot of sex. 

  • Ethics:Lust has practically written thebook on ethics in porn, while also being a vocal andpowerful advocate for sex ed. She thinks deeply about the effects mainstream tube sites are having on our sexual culture, and aims to correct what she sees as harmful through her work — which truly makes consent look sexy as hell.

Truly alt (and awesome) porn and erotica

Think outside the box for online porn.

Think outside the box for online porn.

Image: bob al-greene / mashable


  • The gist:Audio is one of themost underrated outletsforhorniness. Don’t believe me? Just try somefree stuffon for size. When you’re ready to upgrade, give Dipsea a spin. This predominantly app-based platform (which recently launched awebversion) provides a constantly expanding library of high production audio erotica for all orientations, experience levels, and proclivities. There are even guided sessions, like partnered exercises for dirty talk or mindful sex exercises.

  • Cost:$8.99 a month or $47.99 annually oniOSorAndroid

  • Best for:Anyone who feels intimidated, unrepresented, or even triggered by video or visual porn, particularly women and queer folks. 

  • Ethics:Because the sex is all imaginary, and the platform is subscription-based (meaning contributors are paid), there really isn’t a stronger ethical guarantee.


  • The gist:A longstanding bastion of written erotica online, Literotica engages your mind as much as your nether regions. Whether you’re a writer or reader, it’s a community that pushes you to consider new perspectives and ways of getting off, even providing some ideas you can bring to the bedroom with you. 

  • Cost:Free

  • Best for:The literary-minded hornball who knows their strong imagination can get off without visuals.

  • Ethics:Authors submit their own work for consideration and continue to own the copyright after publishing.Also, we’re talking about imaginary sex so you know you’re getting your rocks off ethically.


  • The gist:We put MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP) in this category because its creator, Cindy Gallop, insists it’s not porn, nor is it even “amateur.” Instead, it’s positioned as the antithesis to Pornhub and all tube site porn, as a “social sex” where you can upload yourself or watch others have “real world sex.” It isn’t only mushy gushy stuff, though. There’s something for everyone’s taste, and even more importantly, inclusive of all different bodies, orientations, and races. MLNP evenrethought the tagging system, introducing categories that are not only less crude, but also help you see this kind of content in new ways.

  • Cost:Goherefor some free peeks.Otherwise it’s$5 to rent a video for 3 weeks, or $10-$50 per month depending on subscription.

  • Best for:Seekers of a revolutionary and unique way to get off to watching people have sex online, with a personal vibe that’s unlike any other. 

  • Ethics:Gallop is another leader and innovator in not only ethical sex entertainment, but also in how it can become a source for good, citing feedback likethis oneto demonstrate MLNP’s impact. Enthusiastic consent is the lifeblood of every video, whether it’s softcore or powerplay. Half of all proceeds from user purchases go toward the MakeLoveNotPornstar they paid to watch.

UPDATE: March 10, 2020, 11:14 a.m. PDT:This post has been updated to include information about issues with non-consensual porn on xHamster and free tube sites in general.


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